About SFLI

SFLI equips, educates, and empowers students to lead pro-life groups on campus and beyond.

Our Mission

SFLI teaches students how to effectively save lives on their campus

We mentor college students into skilled, virtuous, pro-life leaders, so they can build and nurture a culture of life on campus and in their future communities.


Our Vision

SFLI dreams beyond the tragedy of abortion and into a culture of life.

We envision college campuses to be center for a culture of life where people treat life with love, new life is welcomed with joy, and people suffering from abortion are led to healing hope.

How we began


Kevin Grillot

Executive Director


Pamela Suresca

Director of Campus Mentor Program


Morgan McFarlin

Manager of Operations & Events


Anna Slater

Campus Mentor

“SFLI has helped me grow and mature as a pro-life campus leader and looking back at where I have come from, it’s incredible.”